Wyrmbones: The Border

Wyrmbones: The Border is a stats-light role-playing game, with strong management elements. The game plays out the rise and fall of clans and heroes.

The player group settle clans on the map, gradually working Northward, to drive out the Gobbeling invaders.

Each player has a hero who may be pivotal in battle, or for providing supplies to the overwhelmed clans.

There is no GM; this is a story about settlers, raids and starvation. The Gobbeling raids are all randomised.

The game consists of one two-sided page and a one sided shared game sheet with a map, hero roster and clan list. The pages are all low-colour; B&W printing is fine.

You must provide 8D6, pencil and eraser. (Note; you could comfortably manage with 6D6, but fewer is more difficult because of dice pooling.)

Prints at A4 size.

This is our first paid release (donation actually) and is available on itch.io.

The game was inspired by the One Page RPG Jam 2021 on Itch.io.

Wyrmbones is intended to be a shared world for several new games from loveandlossgames. Watch this space.