Pitching Draw Your Sword

As of this week our magnum opus, Draw Your Sword, is ready to pitch to publishers. If it doesn’t get picked up by a publisher, then we may go for the self-publishing route.

Sell Sheet for Draw Your Sword
The sell-sheet for Draw Your Sword

There are two videos, which are on Youtube. I won’t embed them here to avoid surprising you with 3rd party cookies. Here are the links:

The 2-minute pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JnZprBqqC4&feature=youtu.be

The longer pitch with a look at encounter design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCRdmx9bJ4E

Still from the pitch video

A still from the game-play segment, showing what the game looks like on the table.

Wyrmbones: The Border – Game Jam Entry

This week, we have submitted Wyrmbones: The Border to the One Page RPG Game Jam on Itch.io. This our first Wyrmbones release and the first release with the artwork commissioned from Joe Nittoly.

There will be more releases from the Wyrmbones setting coming soon. Including a wargame and our long-term project of an epic adventure/RPG.

We have been busy with the One-page Jam and the 18-card RPG Jam over at buttonshy. However with no new jams on our radar, we’re back to core projects.

The Dunginoes Theme Tune

The Children of the House have instructed me to tell the Internet at large of the Dunginoes Theme Tune.

Dunginoes game in a box

Nobody knows…
how far it goes!
When daddy throws!

And then you have to… throw the box. This is only slightly less fun than the game itself. Especially when the cards go into the heating ducts.

Dunginoes is still free I’ll add a box to the downloads when we’ve put together some nicer art for it. The one above is a combination of a passepartout frame and a matchbox sleeve courtesy of https://www.templatemaker.nl/

I can’t remember where the photo originated from hence I don’t want to release it as-is.

Missed the deadline for a home-made game this year

Photo of project-FND

Best wishes for a successful 2021!

I spent the run-up to Christmas working on a boxed escape room game to hand out at the office Christmas party. It went down well, considering the state had just come out of a long lockdown.

However in putting that together, I ran out of time to complete the kids Christmas present game this year. Therefore, the prototype of Project-FND is on back the shelf until I get some more free time: It’s all the cutting that takes ages. The craft cutter doesn’t handle 5mm foam-core, sadly.

I want to take a moment to recommend the Asset Forge on itch.io for anyone looking to put some quick designs together for mechanical stuff like these spaceships and their hardpoints. No, I’m not getting royalties – it’s just a good tool that I want to recommend.

Photo of project-FND
Project-FND – first serious prototype.
A player board design. Showing off the cool spaceship designs that I chucked together with Asset F.orge
Photo of a boxed escape room
Components of the escape experience. Not all 11 puzzles shown here.

Dunginoes – a fast, random dungeon crawl

We joined in a reddit discussion about dungeon crawlers yesterday. We posted some simple rules for a ‘no-print; just play’ random dungeon crawl.

Playtesting in earnest today to get a bit of balance.

Would you believe that this is the castle of the golem lord? The dungeon boss will needs a roll of fourteen or above, including loot modifiers… good luck with that!

Now we’re making dungeon-themed domino tiles as a family project.

We’ll release them and a stronger rules write-up soon.

PROJECT-R: Not long now

ROUT! Drama shot
PROJECT-R closeup

The first free PNP release, codename PROJECT-R is one step closer: Licensed the art and now need to tidy up the files and write assembly instructions.

PROJECT-R is a dexterity game of medieval battlefields. We created this because we love the grand battlefield theme, but don’t want to get tied up with rules, dice, range rulers, and all that.

Fair warning; in order to print and play this title, you’re going to need a spare brick-tower game (e.g. Jenga or a copy) and printable sticker paper. Two full-page A4 labels are needed – or use normal paper and glue.

PROJECT-R top view