Missed the deadline for a home-made game this year

Photo of project-FND

Best wishes for a successful 2021!

I spent the run-up to Christmas working on a boxed escape room game to hand out at the office Christmas party. It went down well, considering the state had just come out of a long lockdown.

However in putting that together, I ran out of time to complete the kids Christmas present game this year. Therefore, the prototype of Project-FND is on back the shelf until I get some more free time: It’s all the cutting that takes ages. The craft cutter doesn’t handle 5mm foam-core, sadly.

I want to take a moment to recommend the Asset Forge on itch.io for anyone looking to put some quick designs together for mechanical stuff like these spaceships and their hardpoints. No, I’m not getting royalties – it’s just a good tool that I want to recommend.

Photo of project-FND
Project-FND – first serious prototype.
A player board design. Showing off the cool spaceship designs that I chucked together with Asset F.orge
Photo of a boxed escape room
Components of the escape experience. Not all 11 puzzles shown here.